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  • 1996-2000    学士加州大学-圣地亚哥校区 (UC San Diego)                                   专业:生物医学工程


  • 2000-2002    硕士加州大学-圣地亚哥校区   (UC San Diego)                   专业:生物医学工程


  • 2004-2008    博士宾夕法尼亚大学 (University of Pennsylvania)             专业:生物医学工程




活细胞分子成像,RNA纳米探针RNA-蛋白交互作用非编码RNA (microRNA/Long ncRNA) 新功能研究,病毒与宿主细胞交互作用纳米医学等




  • 青年千人 2012
  • National Research Council (NRC) Research Associate Fellowship (2010-2012).
  • Solomon R. Pollack Award for Excellence in Graduate Bioengineering Research (2009)
  • UPENN Graduate Student Fellowship (2004-2008)
  • Best Consulting Team Award (2008)
  • Semi-Finalist, The Wharton Business Plan Competition (2007)
  • Outstanding Poster Presentation Award, Optical Imaging Retreat (2007)
  • Joint Molecular Imaging Conference Student Travel Award (2007)
  • Society of Molecular Imaging Student Travel Award (2006)
  • UCLA Graduate Student Fellowship (2002-2003)
  • UCSD Cum Laude (June 2000)
  • UCSD Undergraduate Outstanding Research Award (Spring 2000) 
  • UCSD Provost Honors, Spring 97, Fall 97, Winter 98, Spring 98, Winter 99, Spring 99






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1. Andrew Tsourkas and Antony Chen. Quantitative Molecular Probes, 2007. US Application Number: 12/282.612; International Application Number: PCT/US07/064099.

2. Andrew Tsourkas and Antony Chen. Novel Molecular Beacons. 2009. US application  Number:61/244,378;  International Application Number: PCT/US10/49301




招聘本科生, 研究生, 科研助理以及博士后。具有RNA生化,生物物理, 细胞荧光成像, 分子生物学或工程学背景。有意应聘者请将个人简历和工作背景简介发送到个人邮箱

Email: chenak@pku.edu.cn